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Office of the Adjudicator – Broadcast Transmission Services

Plum Consulting report: The cost of capital in relation to broadcast transmission

Competition Commission

Inquiry, main index

This link goes to the main index for the Competition commission inquiry into the merger of Arqiva and NGW and includes the terms of reference, evidence and reports.

Final Report 11 March 2008

This is the final report by the Competition Commission on the merger between Arqiva and NGW. This document contains useful background as well as the definition of the elements of the broadcasting chain.

The Undertakings

The Undertakings is the document signed by Macquarie which sets out how they will operate post the merger of NGW and Arqiva as well as the appointment of the Adjudicator and his terms of reference.


Guidance for the Adjudicator: The Arqiva Undertakings: Jan 2009

This document provides a framework for the Adjudicator and provides a link between the work of the Adjudicator and Ofcom’s regulation.

Broadcasting Transmission Services: A review of the market 2005

The link below leads to a series of documents which cover the market review that concluded that both Arqiva and NGW had significant market power (SMP) in the provision of Network Access and includes the Notification to both companies that lead to Network Access Agreements.

The Final statement on this, dated 28 April 2005, can be found at:


Arqiva's corporate information can be found at:

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